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2011-12 South America by Bicycle

From August 2011 to February 2012, Justin and Melissa rode their bicycles 6,000 miles from Lima, Peru to the tip of South America (Ushuaia, Argentina).  Below you can watch their documentary and read their journal entries.


Journal Entries from South America:

The Synopsis:

The idea of a Latin America bike tour was born through a generous gift of airline miles combined with a desire for an alternative way of travel from the more traditional  bus transport in this part of the world.  Our route plan was very rough and it was difficult to develop a timeline or itinerary, so we went with open minds, knowing that the journey would unfold exactly as it was meant to.

We made it a goal to see some of the more spectacular countryside and destinations along what is sometimes known as the “gringo trail,” and we encountered other cyclists and travelers alike from all corners of the earth.


The rough sketch of the path we took is approximately 10,000 km (6,000 miles), through 4 countries – Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina.  One of our biggest concerns came from our faith in our planning and preparation.  Upon arrival in Peru, we had limited selection of gear, accessories, and bicycle supplies, causing us to travel with additional parts and tools should a problem arise.

It is certain that an adventure of this magnitude challenged us physically, mentally, and emotionally, enabled us to practice our Spanish, and gave us the opportunity to engage with locals who live a far different lifestyle than most of us here in California.

We look forward to sharing our stories, photos, and videos as you explore what our journey entailed.