Trail Stats

DateMiles HikedMile MarkerTown/Trail AreaNotes
4/192121Lake MorenaGreat First Day!
4/20021Lake MorenaPhone died, had to go to San Diego for new phone.
4/21021Lake MorenaSnow Storm hit
4/22021Lake MorenaSnow Storm... in the desert... really cold.
4/231536Long CanyonBeautiful day, set out late and enjoyed the sunshine
4/2416.752.7Pioneer MailBreathtaking views of deserts from 6,000 ft.
4/252173ishYin Yang RockSan Felipe Hills, great climb, hot day
4/262295ishA little ways past 3rd gate cacheCowboy camped, windy night!
4/2715109.6Warner SpringsShower, good food, and great new friends!
4/285115Agua Caliente CreekLeft Warner Springs in the late afternoon, Enjoyed the creek and Melissa had two huge burritos... and then needed to digest :-)
4/29 20135Rim rock road?Great huff over another mountain range, slept in a canyon
4/3016151.3Boojum Base!Friend Jackie picked us up at Pines to Palm Highway 74 - took showers, did laundry, and enjoyed alfredo pasta, salad, and ice cream with brownies
5/116167ishFobes SaddleOoober strong winds
5/215179.3IdyllwildSo happy to be in town visiting hiking friends
5/30179.3IdyllwildAmazing zero day.
5/422198Descending San JacintoMainly detour hiking today on hwy 243 and Black Mountain Rd.
5/521218.6Nature ConservatoryBeautiful hiking, strong winds all day
5/619237.5Ascent of San BernadinoHiked up Canyon of Mission creek most of day
5/723.5261Outside Big Bear CityCamped outside town to save money, gorgeous alpine weather!
5/85265.9Hwy 18Resupply in Big Bear City!
5/9 9274Van Dusen CanyonSuper windy and chilly
5/1020.5294.5CreeksideFire scars and creek fords
5/1123.5318Grass Valley CreekCowboy camped with Smile Train after hiking until sunset
5/1221.5339.5Near Cajon PassIncredible descent towards I-15 at sunset
5/1313Detour mile 11Lytell Creek Rd.REI and In-n-Out
5/1417369.6WrightwoodGreat views from ridge top, burger time and serious pizza!
5/154374West Facing RidgeBoey and Brad visited us and hiked along - lots of laughs!
5/1625.5Detour 24Little Rock WashTiffany and Aaron hiked with us, miles of pavement
5/1722Detour milesSaufley's Hiker HeavenMelissa has shin splints from road walk, rest needed
5/180454Saufley's Hiker HeavenResting, new shoes, and eating
5/195.5460Horse trailEasy afternoon until we tried cooking in the wind. Terrifiying.
5/2018.6478.6Casa LunaEnjoyed the smaller things: birds feeding their young, lady bug climbing a weed, and the oasis water cache.
5/2118.64977N23 RoadLoud lifted trucks and powerful cold winds made for an interesting night's sleep.
5/2221.6518.6HikertownDescended from the Sawmill Mountains with sheets of ice on the branches to the lovely hikertown.
5/2317535.6Cottonwood CreekA walk along the aquaduct and a dog-friend following behind accompanying us at camp.
5/2423558Willow Springs RoadHigh vies, great views from the Tehachapis and grilled cheese sandwiches with the ACE crew!
5/258566MojaveLayin' low with Robbie from Idaho
5/260566VictorvilleUncle Carl and Aunt Donna to the rescue. Candied pecan, cranberry salad for breakfast, tuna melt and delicious cookies...
5/270566VictorvilleEating cookies while getting a haircut ;-)
5/2811577Big TreeExperienced the amazing fury of high wind gusts.
5/2922.5599.5HillsideCurry couscous and tuna... mmmm
5/3021620Joshua TreesHanging out with other hikers in the shade of the joshua trees at the water cache.. HOT day.
5/3123643Near McIvers SpringSummitted Skinner Peak and got our first views of the snow covered Sierra peaks in the distance!
6/19652Lake IsabellaBurgers and milkshakes - what more could you ask for?
6/224676High up on ridge topTwo 2,000 ft ascents and descents.
6/322698Kern RiverBeautiful sunset watching bats eat bugs
6/44702Kennedy MeadowsArrived to find our re-supply box has not made it here... no gear for high sierra. Currently figuring out next step.
6/50702KMDoing the usual zero day stuff topped off with the local potluck for dinner
6/621723West facing ridgeGathered enough supplies from fellow hikers and trail angels to continue on! Kern river dip & beautiful sunset
6/721744Mulkey PassThru the meadows, gettin' steeper...
6/817 761Near Rock CreekSaw some hikers and met the snow.
6/910.5 (partial mileage off trail)Guitar LakeEasy afternoon looking at tomorrows climb up backside of Mt. Whitney
6/1020.5775Near Tyndall CreekDeparted 2:30 for Whitney summit, Rock Creek Ford and campfire to call it a day.
6/1113788Bubba's Creek CanyonForester Pass and hours of laughs descending in slushy snow.
6/1210790BishopExited Kearsage Pass, great views over Bullfrog Lakes.
6/130790Bishop Food, Blog, and more food!
6/14 12.5795Rae LakeKearsarge and Glenn Passes (12000+ ft)
6/1514809Lake MajorieGot lost on summit to Pinchot Pass due to all the snow. Rough windy day.
6/1619828Middle Fork Kings RiverMather Pass (12,100) steep ice ascent then our first black bear spotting
6/1716844Right above Evolution ValleyMuir pass was awesome! Sweet hut at top. Tons of snow.
6/1819.5863.5Heart Lakegorgeous walk along San Joaquin river
6/1919882.5Near Silver passEasiest summit of Selden Pass and then sweet Mono Creek Falls
6/2018.5901Deer Creek Snow snow snow and a skate across a frozen lake Virginia
6/216+902.6Mammoth LakesGreat city, camping hanging with nice gear shop folks and eating
6/228+908Devil's Post Pile CampgroundLeft Mammoth in afternoon and wandered over to the post pile
6/2318926Above Waugh LakeSaw Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake. Lots of snow.
6/2416942.7Tuolumne Meadows! Sun cups all over Donahue Pass, then beautiful meadows and Marmots
6/250942.7Camp Tuolumne Trails, GrovelandVisited Hetch Hetchy with Whitney, Justin's father
6/260942.7CTT, GrovelandVisited Yosemite valley with family! Eating too much food and relaxing
6/270 (11.2)942Little Yosemite ValleyDeparted from family at yosemite valley, climbed up to Half Dome
6/286.7 (+11)948.7Glen Aulen High Sierra CampClimbed to Tuolumne Meadows, met up with other hikers, and the beautiful falls to Glen Aulin
6/2917.7966.2Benson PassNice relaxing climbs, lots of water
6/3017.8984Granite vista above Stubblefield CreekIntense Fords chest high and lots of snow navigation
7/119.51003.5West Fork Walker RiverMud, freezing ford, snow, mud, snow, and peaceful evening stroll in woods. Exited Yosemite.
7/212.81018.3 BridgeportMade it to Sonora Pass by noon after some 10,000 ft peaks! Resupply time then off to Echo!!
7/301018.3Camp Jack HazardHanging with Cousin Micah and Joe, family style dinner and marshmellows around the campfire.
7/418.71037Before Wolf CreekLast time over 10,000 ft!
7/523.51060.5Raymond CreekFirst time over 20 miles in a month!
7/620.71081Upper Truckee River Crossed Hwy 88 and met Tarzan and Zelda... huge hailstorm before dinner
7/713.51094.4Echo Lake- JacksonHanging with Pops
7/801094.4JacksonBBQ with Josh and family
7/971100Lake AlohaVisit with Nevada City School of the Arts.
7/10201120Richardson LakeLast time above 9000 ft.
7/11261147Below TinkernobLongest day with lots of South Bound encounters
7/1281154TruckeeHanging with Turtle
7/1325.21182Tahoe NF somewhereRelaxing day, left Truckee late, first spotting of Mt. Lassen
7/1415.61197.6Sierra CityLOVE Sierra City, chilly swim in the river
7/1529.91227.5Stafford Mt.Climbed Sierra Butte
7/1627.51255Bear CreekHOT HOT HOT and muggy, descent to Southern Fork of Feather River
7/1723(+2) 1278Above Silver LakeQuick snack resupply in Buck's Lake, Niece Eva's 16th Birthday!!!
7/18261304Lassen NF at top of Belden climb5,000 ft of descent followed by 5,000 ft ascent in 95 degree weather
7/1931 (+1)1335HWY 36Passed halfway point!!!!
7/20181353.5Warner Valley CampgroundAfter quick stop in Chester, ate late dinner at great resort called Drakesbad
7/2123.51377Redding, CAWoke up early morning and made it to Old Station around 2:30 to go to Rob and Jody Smith's House!
7/2223 (+2)1400Descent from Hat Creek RimKiller views of Shasta and Lassen
7/23241424Burney Falls State ParkEnjoyed dinner with Jack and cousin Rob joined us to hike for a few days in evening.
7/24291453Moose CreekHot muggy weather
7/25301483Ridge nearing I-5Lots of heat and mosquitoes
7/2623.51506.5I-5/DunsmuirLovely swim in the Sacramento River
7/2701506.5Burney Falls SPEnjoying a zero with Uncle Carl, Aunt Rosanna, and cousin Gus!
7/28151521.5Top of Castle CragsSaw Gourmet on the climb up Castle Crags! (Last seen at mile 100!)
7/29291550.5Near Bull Lakeboth felt a tad under the weather
7/3031.51582Trinity WildernessSnowy Alps
7/31251607Etna SummitVisited peaceful town of Etna for a quick dinner before getting back on trail
8/1271634Paradise LakeRidge walk all day with views of untouched land
8/2301664Fern SpringBig descent into Seiad Valley
8/3261690Alex HoleEnjoyed hiking with friends Tiff and Aaron who we met back in Socal!
8/4301720Mt. AshlandCrossed the border to Oregon!
8/56.61726.6AshlandPicked up by Alex after a breakfast at Callahans, Melissa bought new shoes!
8/601726.6AshlandEat, rest, resupply, and eat.
8/701726.6AshlandHappy Resting Clams
8/8261752.6Hyatt LakeGreat hike with Bill, Alex, and Maggie. Best meal on trail.
8/927.51780.5Hwy 140Rough feet day. Getting back into groove.
8/10301810.5 Honeymoon CreekHung out with fellow hiker Wyoming
8/1125 (+2)1835.5Rim of Crater LakeEpic sunset and sunrise at the magnificent Crater Lake
8/12301865.5Near Tipsoo PeakSurreal walk around Caldera. Hiked to Mt. Thielsen.
8/1327 (+1)1892.5Near Summit LakeMosquito Nightmare
8/14 25.51918Maiden Peak Ski HutGreat swim in Rosary Lake
8/1538 (+2)1956Near Elk Lake Trail First 40 mile day!!
8/168.5 (+2.5)1964.7Sisters Mirror LakeRelaxing day and we even water colored!
8/1736.2 (+0.8)2000.9Big Lakes Youth CampCrazy hai/rain/lightening/and thunderstorm! Took shelter after an unplanned long day
8/18232023.8Cliffside view of Mt. JeffersonBreakfast at camp before relaxing hike after the storm
8/19272050.8Upper LakeBeautiful views of Jefferson. Hiked next to two forest fires!
8/2032.62083.4Timothy LakeMet the lovely Womack family
8/2123.621-7Outside TimberlineAwesome climb up to Mt. Hood
8/22272134Ridgeline before Indian SpringsAnother rough day hiking in the rain.
8/23212155Cascade LocksEagle Creek Falls is a must hike trail!!
8/2402155Cascade LocksResupplying for Washington!
8/25142169RidgelineFull bellies and slow afternoon stroll
8/26302199Hill topWindy and chilly this evening, Mt. Hoosierdaddy
8/27292228CampsiteGreat sunrise on Mt. Hood
8/2830 (+3)2258Milky CreekBreathtaking sites of Mt. Adams
8/2930 (+1)2288Alpine CampGoat Rocks were covered in dense fog
8/30152303White PassHid from the rain for the night and ate delicious treats from family
8/31192322Who knows. It's Pouring.Rained all day and night.
9/1332355Urich CabinMagic Man warmed my soul. Chinook area gorgeous.
9/2332388Near Stirrup CreekAte lots of Huckleberries
9/3122409Ridge Lake in Alpine WildernessResupply in Snowqualmie followed by awesome climb.
9/4292438Waptus RiverClouds broke up! Big climbs and blue skies
9/5282466Wet marshCold. Wet. Long day.
9/6102476Dinsmore's Hiker Haven, SkykomishWamth! Dry shelter at trail angel's home.
9/7242500Cady PassMice Attacks!!
9/8292529Wolf CreekLots of steep climbs in fog and rain
9/926 (+2)2555Creeklet10,000 ft. of elevation gain today. Sore legs.
9/10192574Stehekin Valley RanchBEAUTIFUL
9/1119.82593.8Rainy PassEnjoyed Stehekin bakery in morning then nice stroll in sunshine.
9/1230.22624Harts PassSerpent Slayer surprised us at a campsite and cooked us double cheeseburgers!!
9/1331.42655.4 NORTHERN TERMINUS OF PCTCamped in Canada. Gorgeous final full day of hiking. Lots of tears.
9/148.52663.5Manning ParkMade it to Vancouver by bus