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2015 Seattle to Alaska Bicycle Tour

Alaska 2015 Summer Ride FullWow.  The journey by bicycle from Seattle to Alaska felt as though pieces of a puzzle fell easily into place at every bend in the road.  We have met spectacular people from around the globe, eaten delicious, local foods, and seen massive glaciers beyond our wildest dreams.  Not to mention coming home with 55lbs of silver salmon filets we caught in Prince William Sound!  Check out our stories below:

STATS PAGE – How many days, miles, ride time, elevation gain, and more can be found on our stats page!

Distance: 2,139 miles
Ride time: 1185hrs 29min
Elevation gain: 113,853 ft
Flat Tires:  Justin 1, Melissa ZERO



Salmon Fishing in Valdez, AK


Tok cut-off highway, AK


Marsh Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada


Stewart Cassiar Highway