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Aloha From Maui

Aloha From Maui

This blog post is a little different from the others, in that it is written from the balcony of our suite overlooking the Gran Wailea and the white ripples of the Pacific Ocean.
Not only is he scenery different, but the mellow vibe has infected me and with less than 24 hours on the island, I already feel more clear-headed and relaxed.
Yesterday, was devoted to travel as we left the house early to drop off Ron, Deb, and Melissa’s Grandma at the Oakland airport. We returned and caught our airport shuttle to San Jose, where we flew to LAX and met up with Mike, and Rena, Melissa’s brother and his girlfriend. We arrived in Kahalui and hit the ground running. From picking up the rental (which Deb had pre-paid and pre-signed), to the doing some nighttime navigation (fortunately there are not a lot of difficult roads).
Upon entering the extravagant, it was obvious that this wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill condo rental. The place is packed with all the bells and whistles, from an elevator, and the automatic drawer slower-downers on the gorgeous kitchen cabinets, to the gentle toilet seat closer. This place is serious, and extremely lavish. It sits up on the hill, giving it an incredible view over the tops of the lower buildings, in the distance is the Gran Wailea and the Four Seasons.
We awoke to a jaw-dropping view of the Northern part of Maui, and the new windmills on the hillside, the flatlands heading towards the airport, Haleakala behind us, and the vast ocean in front. We went on a short jog to see the hotels across the way, and then ate bacon and eggs for breakfast. Following, we went into town and stopped at the music shop, which is home to the largest selection of ukuleles in the world. Deb and Ron bought a couple, for the grandkids, and themselves, as I sit here typing they are jamming together behind me.

We made a stop at Costco to stock up on groceries, and came home for a quick bite to eat before heading down to Makena beach for some snorkeling. The water was a bit blown out, but just 100 years offshore was a volcanic rock outcropping that was home to coral and heaps of fish. Most surprising of all was TURTLES. We say two, perhaps a mother, and a middle aged child. The waves were coming in and making a lot of movement and motion against the rocks, but we managed to get fairly close and relax enjoying the flow and life under the sea. We went in and swapped some gear, going out another time with Rena and Mike.

The afternoon was spent relaxing and enjoying steaks, corn, grilled zucchini and bell peppers, salad, and potatoes. We topped it off with a bit of pumpkin pie. The sunset was captivating, but there were some large clouds that blocked the sun from high lighting the higher clouds. We have been enjoying each others company, and had some great laughs as we all played banana grams on the patio. The weather is a bit more humid than back home, however, it is pleasant and the afternoon breeze felt good.

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