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Fun Friday!!

My second graders all told said, “Mr. Smith, today is fun friday,” as their teacher introduced me.  I was a roving guest teacher, as the second grade teachers had assessments and needed an extra body.  My job wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds.  From playing with blocks, to solving math problems, and even a spelling test, the second graders gave their all to push some buttons and a few ended up getting their cars moved to the yellow stoplight, but all in all it was a great day.  The highlight, was trying to teach them how to do a crossover while jumping rope during recess, I was even asked if I’ll be back tomorrow to help more with teaching their ‘favorite sport,’ -jumping rope.

The day began with a 5 am swim at the club, main set, 600, 400, 300, 200, 100, followed by some cinnamon cereal and I was off to school.  I returned home to Melissa, who had taken an early train, and was getting ready herself to head off and do some studying.  This afternoon we had some fun doing partner pull swims, enjoying the sunshine.

Melissa prepared a delicious meal of perfectly cooked kale, chicken spinach feta sausage, and diced potatoes.  Time for a nice rest before another Saturday Coffee Republic ride tomorrow.

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