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Tired legs and sore jaw

I have to admit I am a bit tired and unmotivated to type, but I figure 90% of it, is just showing up.  Hopefully, I get in a groove, and stop making so many typing errors.  The belly is full, after left adding a chicken breast to some left over veggies and spaghetti squash.  I lie on the floor, afraid if I lie on the bed, I will doze off, and the act of simply lying on the floor is massaging my quads.

Today began with a run with a friend Dr Charles Perry.  Charlie, as I call him, is a total inspiration as he has dove into triathlon head first and this year, in his second season competed in 2 olympic distance races, 3 half distance races, and Ironman St George. Not only is this a respectable race schedule, but he is a stud, with respectable results as well, including a second place finish at TBF Half Hits.  I had the pleasure of racing with him at my first half distance at Auburn Triathlon this May, results and photos are here .  We ran for 90 minutes and put in 12 miles, but the highlight wasn’t finishing, it was the dramatic colors as the sun rose in the East, and the clouds produced a fireworks display of lightening in the West, the weather was perfect, and we both chatted about our upcoming IM Lake Tahoe next September.

Following my run and a smoothie, I headed for my 6 month dentist check-up, which I had a feeling would be more than the routine cleaning.  Indeed 2 hours, and $275 later, I walked out with half my face numb and a new inlay.  My dentists jokes that I eat rocks, since this is the 3rd piece of work that I have fractured.  This one, fortunately, was done a long time ago, before I started going to their office, so I didn’t feel as bad, as having the ones crack that they put in just a few years back.  I really enjoy the friendly staff, and honesty of my dentist, he is genuine, and really takes pride in his work.  If you are looking a dentist you can trust, make the trip to Roseville and visit Pleasant Grove Dental.

My afternoon was spent doing some studying for general science CSET, and taking a short dip in the pool at the club, before heading to Arden Park to have some fun with the kiddos, and adults, since it is Thursday.  The most exciting thing that happened today was that Charlie gave me his old Garmin 310 that he no longer uses, since it had some trouble and then he purchased the newest Garmin, so I can have a fully functioning heart rate monitor and get some better feedback with mile pace splits.

Also, we received an exciting piece of mail from Deb containing a cute itinerary that she made into a pamphlet for our Hawaii trip…just 4 days until departure.  So with that, I will brush and floss with extra care, and lie my head down for the night.

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